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Handy tips for buying your first car

Deciding on your first set of wheels can be a difficult task, especially if you're tackling the job alone. Knowing what to look for comes with experience, so if you're getting behind the wheel for the first time it's a major step into the unknown.

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Top picks for the compact SUV market

If you're in the market for a nearly new or used car, the chances are you've given some serious consideration to buying either a crossover or an SUV-type vehicle. The segment contains everything from small hatchback-sized cars that come with bold styling and are designed for the urban environment, to true off-roaders featuring heavy-duty suspension and underbody protection that are more than capable of swapping tarmac for rutted tracks.

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Why a soft-top should be top of your list now summer is over

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a convertible car and chances are you'll picture a scene that includes a clear blue sky and an open road. It's what owning a soft-top is all about after all. The British summer might not tend to stick around as long as we'd all like it to, but there's no denying that the UK is a nation of soft-top enthusiasts.

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