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Audi A3 Review

Many fans were nervous when Audi released the third-generation A3 back in 2012, purely because the previous model was so well received, we felt it didn’t need to be changed. We needn’t have worried, however, as the German manufacturer managed to make valuable improvements, while retaining everything that made drivers fall in love with the Audi A3 in the first place.

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The Best Cars for Winter Driving

With the near endless sun we’ve experienced over the past weeks, the thought of winter should be at the very back of your mind. However, as us Brits know all too well the weather is sure to turn. When it does, don’t leave yourself stranded with in the mud with your roofless roadster, get yourself a competent used car from Hilton Garage in Derby for the dreary months of winter!

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Hilton Garage’s Top Holiday Cars

In celebration of Summer holiday season, here is a list of Hilton Garage’s top cars for different types of trips. If you are looking for a used car that you are planning to go away in frequently, make sure you choose one that is perfect for your favourite holiday type!

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