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Volkswagen Up! Review

Compact by design but not compromising on style, the Volkswagen Up Packs a lot of punch and certainly shouldn’t be discounted if you’re looking for your next car. Here is our review of the Volkswagen up! And why we think it makes the perfect city car.

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Top Five Cars for Driving in Manchester

Manchester is the epitome of bustling city life, with constant crowds in every part of the city centre. It can be tricky to make your way around the city, but with the right car it may be a little easier. Here are the best five cars for driving around Manchester.

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Hilton Garage’s Top Holiday Cars

In celebration of Summer holiday season, here is a list of Hilton Garage’s top cars for different types of trips. If you are looking for a used car that you are planning to go away in frequently, make sure you choose one that is perfect for your favourite holiday type!

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