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Motors.co.uk lists a large number of Hilton Garage's exceptional-value deals on a host of used cars for sale. We currently stock over 1200 competitively-priced vehicles and have worked alongside Motors.co.uk for a number of years to promote our offers to the widest possible audience in order to make sure all motorists in the UK can take advantage of the best possible prices on their next car.

Finding one of Hilton Garage's great-value deals on Motors.co.uk is simple and with cars for all requirements you will never be short of choice. We stock everything from city cars, superminis and hatchbacks right up to SUVs, MPVs and family saloons; all of which are available on affordable packages that can be found on Motors.co.uk. Our partnership with Motors.co.uk also gives drivers the opportunity to compares our prices against those from dealerships around the country and quickly recognise that the best offers on used cars for sale can be found at Hilton Garage.

Our extensive network of experienced buyers, long contact list and low overheads of our vast rural location allow us to provide the lowest prices on a wide selection of used cars. Our purpose-built site in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside is easily accessible from anywhere in the UK, but if you can't make the journey then be sure to check our current stock of used cars on Motors.co.uk.

Take the time to compare our prices with other dealers on Motors.co.uk and understand just how affordable the deals at Hilton Garage are; and guarantee yourself a bargain on your next car.