Audi A1 Review

A stylish, small car with a premium badge, the Audi A1 is a motor designed for a young, urban audience. Whether you fall into that category or not, it’s a punchy car that’s packed with surprises, read our review here…

The cheapest foot in the door to owning an Audi, there are a number of trims to choose from which mean you can wind up with an A1 packed with the tech and luxury of an A3 or even A5. It’s hard to believe that this car is based on the same fundamentals as the VW Polo or the Seat Ibiza. We know, shocking isn’t it.

The drive is pleasant and with low emissions, good MPG and a host of safety features, it’s a good wheel to be behind.

The biggest bonus for the A1 has to be the interior. Comfy seats and a steering wheel stolen from the TT, teamed with a natural driving position and expertly aligned pedals. The dash display is unrivalled and newer models will benefit from an all-digital infotainment system. Some trims and upgrades also get wireless phone charging and advanced connectivity.

Not the cheapest to buy or own but the price attached to an Audi is one worth paying if you can afford it. Against its nearest competitors, a MINI and the aforementioned Polo and Ibiza, the A1 stands firmly apart for its distinct look and slick lines.

If you’re looking for a car filled with luxury without a hefty price tag, the Audi A1 is a good option to look at. With great finance deals available and many used Audi A1 cars available in Derby, you’re almost certain to find a car that matches your spec wish list and budget. By choosing used, you’ll benefit from upgrades and trims without the colossal cost you’d pay for the new equivalent.

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