BMW 330d Touring Review

If you are considering buying one of our used BMW 3 Series cars, read on to find out more about this model.

The BMW 3 Series is an immensely popular car, it looks good, handles well and there’s a spec to suit every budget. The Touring model offers all of this and even more practicality with a vast boot.

It’s no secret that our cars are getting bigger, that said, the BMW 3 Series really hits the sweet spot between interior space and manoeuvrability. It feels as comfortable on the motorway as it does nipping through city streets; little wonder it’s such a popular model on the second-hand market then. The 3-litre turbocharged engine mated to this car punches hard and smooth from as little as 1500rpm. It’s paired with the coveted eight speed auto ‘box, it’s so well suited to the car you won’t miss that third pedal.

If you’re looking for a driver’s car, there’s little that comes near the BMW 3 Series out of its rivals. Even under the hardest strain, you’d do well to display any body roll. As a trade-off for excellent handling you are slightly more susceptible to Britain’s potholed roads. That’s not to say the ride isn’t comfortable however. Opt for the Adaptive M Sport suspension and you get to choose the damper firmness; allowing you to tighten it up on twisty B-Roads or loosen it off around town or on the motorway.

While off the line pace is seriously quick, 0-62 in 5.5 seconds, it’s the in-gear surge that you’ll be most thankful for. Few people will be launching their family wagon from the lights every time they stop, but 50-70mph takes just 2.7 seconds; perfect for slip roads and spirited over taking. It’s hard to give an exact range for the fuel economy in this car, on long cruises it’s more than capable of exceeding 55mpg. Under constant acceleration though you’ll be looking at considerably less.

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