Guide to Volkswagen’s Small Cars

Volkswagen currently offers three major competitors in the small car arena: the Volkswagen Golf, the Volkswagen Polo and the Volkswagen Up!

These popular models are all high in quality, comfortable and stylish, and each has their own characteristics which make them unique. Here they are in a bit more detail, from smallest to largest.



The Volkswagen Up! is the baby of the German manufacturer’s range, both being the smallest and the newest of the three cars listed here to be introduced to the market. It has everything you’d want in a city car: an economical 1.0-litre engine, light steering and cheap insurance.

You may be surprised at this tiny vehicle’s performance on a long motorway drive too, although it is most at home around the city.

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If you are looking for something a bit more spacious than the Volkswagen Up! but not quite as big as a Golf, the Volkswagen Polo is a great in-between. It is easily one of the most roomy and comfortable superminis on the market.

There are plenty of engine choices on offer, so you can opt for a sensible 1.0-litre three-cylinder motor or anything up to a 2.0 GTI. Performance and handling is great, and its compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre. It’s no wonder the Volkswagen Polo is one of the most popular cars for new drivers.

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Along with the Polo, the Volkswagen Golf is a best-selling model for the brand. It sets the standard for the entire hatchback class, offering what the majority of the population are looking for: a well-crafted, reliable car that is roomy enough to transport a family in comfort but still compact enough to be easy to drive and park.

As with the Volkswagen Polo, there are engine types to suit everyone, with the GTI range being a definitive hit with many drivers. The drive is refined, and the cabin quality is excellent.

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So, there you have Volkswagen’s small cars. You can’t go far wrong with any of them, but the Volkswagen Up! is ideal for city dwellers and new drivers, the Volkswagen Polo is great for those who want a compact vehicle which offers class-leading comfort and more engine options than the Up! The Golf is an all-rounder, a solid family car with numerous performance customisations on offer.