Lexus RC Review

If you are considering buying one of our used Lexus RC cars, read on to find out more about this model…

The Lexus RC is a two-door coupe, competing against the likes of the Audi A5 Coupe, BMW 4 Series and Mercedes C-Class Coupe. As a used car, it represents great value for money too.

The RC200t produces a healthy 241bhp, placing it nicely in the middle of the range. Above it is the M4 humbling RCF and the more sensible 300h hybrid. While it may be down on power compared to the hybrid option, it feels anything but sluggish. It offers great mid-range pull from as little as 1650rpm. Progress is smooth and plentiful as you push further to the national speed limit and the full 258lb ft of torque is perfectly demonstrated when merging with any slip road.

Opt for F Sport trim and you get to keep the RCF’s limited-slip differential and adaptive dampers, this allows the car to glide over our typically potholed roads with little fuss while pushing you through corners like few other cars at this price point. A further benefit of the F Sport trim is the extra driving mode; Sport+. This is where the car really comes into its own with the throttle, gearshifts and steering all set to maximum attack. This is also the mode to really expose the car’s rear-drive chassis.

The cabin entirely delivers on the exterior’s sporty promise, with lovely perforated leather sports seats, smart dials and a tactile gear shifter. The touchpad used to control the infotainment system is notoriously sensitive but give yourself 20 minutes with the system and you’ll quickly become used to it. The rear seats are adequate for children, but you may here some complaints from adults who’re forced to sit back there for any period of time. The boot offers a good amount of space too, made even more accommodating by dropping those cosy rear seats!

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