MINI Coupe Review

MINI. Fun, adventure and style. That’s what we would say about the MINI Cooper, but what about the MINI Coupe? How does the smaller design shape up and can it handle the roads as well?

The first thing to note is there are a range of specs to choose from, whether you want a smooth ride or to leave everyone else trailing behind. Low centre of gravity teamed with stiff suspension mean that you will feel planted on the road and will grip the bends in the road tightly.

If you want to go by unnoticed, then it’s better you find something else. This car is built to be eye-catching and to turn heads. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

There’s a whole host of bright colours in the range, as well as the iconic racing stripes for the bonnet. It is a two seater car, so if you have a family of six and three dogs, it won’t be a practical choice but if you are looking for something fun, nippy and aesthetic pleasing that will comfortably sit two people, then this is the one for you.

Inside, it looks and feels like a MINI. From the exaggerated features to the huge speedo that takes centre stage in the cabin, it feels just as quirky as the rest of the line-up. There’s plenty of storage space and there’s loads of room in the boot too, so whether you’re filling it with shopping, suitcases or swimsuits, you won’t be left wanting more.

The MINI Coupe is packed with great features and puts a sporty and slick twist on the classic shape and design. Perfect for couples or solo travellers, they are great cars for weekend adventures or nipping into town. If you want to find a used MINI in Derby, head to Hilton Garage or click here to see our current stock.