Aston Martin Vantage S Review

The Aston Martin Vantage S is still one of the most beautiful cars to grace our roads. The V8 rocket from Gaydon is an exceptional car and is at home on the race track as it is trekking across Europe.

By stepping up to the S from the regular Vantage, the main advances concern the cars steering. A quicker, more precise rack gives excellent feedback, while the suspension is just about new from the ground up. The new seven-speed paddle shift gearbox supplied by Graziano is far lighter and faster—shifting than anything previously fitted to a Vantage, it suits the car perfectly and gives it a great edge over the standard car.

When you first turn the car on, you’re immediately drawn to the exhaust note, a far more aggressive sounding note, akin to those heard at a Nascar event. With a sports suspension setup, you’d expect the car to be bone-rattlingly hard over anything other than a race track’s asphalt, it’s quite the contrary in fact. The car feels car more focused and direct when pushed, but also more compliant over rough surfaces.

Once again, if you were to read that the exhaust had been modified for both performance and enjoyment, you’d expect a criminally loud and boisterous car that would make you enemy number 1 with the neighbours. However, Aston Martin have outdone themselves yet again by producing a system that sounds simply stunning at full chat, yet less intrusive with a light throttle.

Factory fresh, a new Aston Martin Vantage S would have set you back just over £100,000; a significant figure. Thankfully, the used market contains a good collection of pre-owned cars that have already been hit by depreciation. A one-owner used Aston Martin Vantage S could cost you just £78,990 from a reputable second-hand dealer!

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