Birmingham Clean Air Zone Plans Approved

The government has approved proposed clean air charges for Birmingham, which means that drivers of high polluting vehicles will have to start paying to drive in the city’s central region.

The authority has been granted £38 million from the Clean Air Fund to implement its plans by January 2020.

Derby was also chosen as one of the cities which need to tackle excessive transport emissions, although the city is currently looking into alternatives to a Clean Air Zone.


Why a Clean Air Zone is being Introduced in Birmingham

As part of an EU Directive, the government has ordered selected cities in the UK, in which pollution is excessive, to improve air quality.

According to the local authority’s analysis, air pollution in Birmingham is responsible for shortening the lives of approximately 900 people annually. The new charges should help to reduce the levels of nitrogen dioxide and have a positive effect on public health.


What You Need to Know About Driving in the Birmingham Clean Air Zone

If you drive through Birmingham, whether regularly or not, it is important to be aware of the new rules that are being implemented.

The Clean Air Zone covers the area inside the A4540 Middleway ring road, so if you are traveling on roads within this region and your vehicle is non-compliant with the zone’s emission standards, you may be liable to charges.

The charges will apply to petrol vehicles manufactured before 2006 and diesel vehicles made before 2015. To find out whether or not your vehicle is compliant, Transport for London has provided an online tool.

Cars will be charged £8 per day, while buses and HGVs will be charged £50 per day for entering the zone and this can be paid online.


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