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Choosing a future proof car

Planning for the future is hard but with some foresight, you can often put yourself in a better position financially. This goes for many things in life and a car purchase is one of them. Here are our tips for choosing a car that is future proof.


If you are conscious of the environment, you may be aware of some of the implications cars have on the world around us. In 2030, the sale of new diesel cars will be banned but used ones will still be available. It may be worth considering a hybrid if being eco-conscious is at the top of your agenda.

Finding space

Think about how much space you need now, and how much you might need in the future. While you might be happy with a convertible now, would an SUV be more suitable in the long run?

Practical touch

Thinking about the practical things now will stand you in better stead further down the line. For example, if you need to use a sat nav every day for work, it would be better to look for a car with a built-in system, than using a plug-in version.

Planning ahead

Take some time to note down your plans and work out what kind of car you need now, and that you might need in the future. You are likely to be able to find some common ground between the two and find that car of your dreams.

If you need some help in your search, we would be more than happy to help. Get in touch with Hilton Garage, we are a car supermarket based in Derby and have a huge range of used cars to choose from.