Driving in the dark

Darker mornings and darker evenings are here. As Winter draws in, we spend more time driving in the dark and dodging wintery storms. We have put together our top tips for driving in the dark so have a read and see if you can put any of these into practice to make your drive that bit more comfortable.

Using your lights

It sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised at how many people either don’t know or choose not to use them properly. For a start, it is illegal to drive at night without functioning front and rear lights. Also, it is a good idea to use your dipped headlights an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise to make sure your visibility is as clear as it can be. Full beam should be used on country roads but if you spot another vehicle, turn them off to avoid dazzling them.

The essentials

In the event of a breakdown or an issue, it is good to be prepared so the darkness doesn’t make it even more inconvenient. Carry all your breakdown essentials plus a torch, extra layer and some de-icer. Make sure your phone has enough charge on it too!

Be vigilant

Watch out for children, animals and cyclists. During this time of year, visibility can be tricky and if those mentioned aren’t wearing bright and reflective clothing, they can often go by unnoticed. Take particular care if your route takes you near a school or through a residential area.

Staying alert

It should go without saying that you shouldn’t get behind the wheel if you are at all tired. The change in the seasons can affect your sleep patterns, so if you are heading on a long journey, make sure to schedule in some rest stops and get a good sleep the night before.

There are our tips for driving in the dark. If you have any others, do let us know. If you don’t fancy walking in the winter and need to find a used car in Derby, get in touch with the team at Hilton Garage.