Due to unprecedented demand, we suggest leaving a £100 deposit to avoid disappointment. You can leave a deposit through your chosen vehicles detail page.

Funding your used car

The question that always crops up when looking for a used car is, how are you going to fund it? Whether it is the dealership asking, your parents or even your other half, it is the hot topic and one which is worth some serious considering. Here are some pros for both options to help you figure it out.

Buying outright

If you are considering buying outright, there are plenty of benefits to go with it. For one, the car is yours and you don’t have to worry about any monthly repayments. It also means that you can sell the car as and when you wish, without considering how to settle finance agreements.

Car finance

As for car finance, there are many benefits to this avenue too. Firstly, your money isn’t tied into a car and you can invest the money you would have spent elsewhere. You can also choose what to do at the end of some agreements, and you don’t necessarily have to keep hold of the car. Also, paying monthly often means you can afford a nicer or newer car than if you were to pay for it outright.

Both options will be right for different people but if, after this, you are still struggling to find the right route, come and speak to us at Hilton Garage and a member of the team will help you navigate through it.