Jaguar F-Type R Review

Considering a used Jaguar F-Type R car for your next motor? Read our review to find out more about it!

The Jaguar F-Type R sits in a trim level below its top-spec big brother, the full-fat SVR. That’s not to say that this car underperforms in any way though.

The most staggering fact about the F-Type R is that Jaguar managed to increase torsional rigidity by 80 percent over its convertible model. This has been achieved with just a fixed aluminium roof piece, turning the Jag into a true monocoque structure. This brings an extra level of control and precision to a car that was barely lacking them in the first place!

Power is supplied via a big burbling V8 producing 542bhp, allowing a top speed of 186mph and 0-60 in a little over 4 seconds, so it’s not slow by any means. To deal with all this power, 20-inch wheels must be fitted to accommodate the huge steel brakes within.

With the precision afforded by that superb chassis, whiplash-inducing brakes and endless power from that great V8, this F-Type is an unbelievable track weapon. You can easily take this car to its limits and hold it there; the fabulous torque vectoring system has a big role in that though!

Inside, the interior feels like a proper sports car. The cabin layout is nearly identical to the convertible’s, however more light is let in thanks to the roofline, making it feel more spacious. Thankfully, the infotainment system is a rather intuitive piece of equipment, with each new model year featuring an upgrade to keep it in line with modern expectations. There are still plenty of dials festooned on the dashboard, and Jaguar has resisted so far from the overpacked all-in-one infotainment screen!

You can find used Jaguar F-Type R cars for around half the price of a brand-new model, which brings this phenomenal sports car within much easier reach, particularly with a car finance deal.


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