Jaguar Land Rover Working to Create Vehicles That Prevent Car Sickness

If you are with the 70% of people who suffer from motion sickness, you will be glad to hear about the latest technology being developed by Jaguar Land Rover.

Motion sickness tends to result from the eyes taking in information that contradicts what the ear, skin and body forces sense. This is why it can become enhanced when you read in a moving vehicle.

While Jaguar cars and Land Rover cars are already designed in a way that helps to ease feelings of nausea, with the Jaguar E-Pace offering Adaptive Dynamics and 26 seat configurations, the company is taking it to the next level. Jaguar Land Rover has already gathered 15,000 miles worth of data about motion sickness and has made definite progress in creating a solution.


Individual Passenger Assessment

The Jaguar Land Rover technology is able to detect how susceptible passengers are to feeling car sick based on an algorithm which gives a ‘wellness score’. Based on this score, the vehicle settings will adapt automatically to ease the feelings of nausea.

The technology works by using biometric sensors to detect physiological signals, as well as motion and dynamics data to assess the extent to which a driver or passenger of a vehicle is experiencing feelings of motion sickness. This means that your car might know when you’re starting to feel ill before you do!


Up to 60% Reduction in the Effects of Motion Sickness in Jaguar Cars and Land Rover Cars

According to Jaguar Land Rover, the alterations to driving settings and the cabin in response to the wellness score can reduce the effects of motion sickness by up to an impressive 60%.

The initial phase of the research will be completed by the end of this month, so keep an eye out for future releases of Jaguar cars and Land Rover cars sporting this incredibly intelligent adaptive technology.