Land Rover Range Rover Sport Review

Land Rover's Range Rover Sport carries a reputation of ‘the most dynamic Range Rover’, according to the manufacturer. This British luxury mid-size SUV performs impressively in the rough and has a beautifully refined interior.


The Range Rover Sport doesn’t essentially encourage a sporty driving style. It’s still a two-tonne car with all-terrain tyres made to be tested off-road, as a result, the car will be happier cruising along a motorway than trying to please its driver on a twisty road.

The eight-speed gearbox would also prefer a smooth ride while being plied gently, rather than sharp twists and corners. The Range Rover Sport offers an impressive blend of stability and relative agility.

The Range Rover offers a various list of four-cylinder, six-cylinder models, hybrids, 4.4-litre diesel V8, 3.0-litre V6 petrol and so on. Higher-powered versions with 21-inch and 22-inch wheels are a little less supple over bumps, especially around town, but still grant a pretty high level of comfort.

Versions with 21-inch and 22-inch wheels might suffer from the road noise as its inevitable for such a large, upright car, however, the 20in wheel version deals with the wind on the motorway and lets on nothing more than a gentle flutter around the door mirrors and front pillars.


The Range Rover Sport still puts forwards the high driving position that has been Range Rover’s trademark for decades, providing an incredibly comfortable and supportive seat. All the controls are within easy reach on the centre console and promises relaxed cruising. The interior offers impressive attention to detail and a great feel of luxury.

It grants comfortability to long-distance and off-road conditions with its fully adjustable air suspension and four-wheel drive system. Don’t forget to count in the supreme cruising manner and the spacious 7 seat option, and I bet you can’t wait to plan your next adventure already.


The Range Rover Sport is an expensive car but running costs can be reasonable if driven carefully. You should be able to average just over 20mpg for the SDV6 model and that’s pretty decent for such a large car. If you want to avoid the high initial cost, consider used Land Rover Sport cars.


Agile and luxurious, Range Rover Sport cars are a fantastic choice of SUV with numerous customisation options to make them unique.

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