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The NC500 or North Coast 500 is 516 mile trip around the Scottish Coast, packed with adventure and gorgeous sights. It is well worth the trip but takes some planning, so here are our tips for the journey.

Take your time

You don’t want to leave yourself short on time and have to skip seeing some of the sights. Allow yourself enough time and allow yourself to take it all in! There is plenty to see and do and we often hear of people who didn’t give themselves long enough to explore, it really is a trip of a lifetime.

Plan your stays

Plan where you are going to stay in advance and look out for BnBs and AirBnBs that will match your route. There are some amazing places to stay but planning in advance will make sure you don’t get caught short one night and can budget accordingly for your trip!

Observe the etiquette

It is a popular route and there are a few guidelines to follow, here they are but you can view them on the NC500 website too…

  • Drive responsibly
  • Keep the landscape beautiful
  • Dispose of your waste appropriately
  • Keep your dogs on a lead in rural areas
  • Find suitable places to stop and take photographs, without causing an obstruction
  • Before your trip, take a look at the Scottish Outdoor Access Code

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