Things to consider when buying your next car

Buying your next car should be an enjoyable experience, but sometimes you can get caught up in the jargon which makes it more stressful than exciting. We have put together our top things to consider when buying a used car so that you can shop with peace of mind…


What will the core purpose of the vehicle be? Will it be for weekend trips away or will it be for things like the school run and the food shop? The primary use for the car will be the thing that determines which kind of car you should go for. Think about how many passengers will be in the car and if you are going to need a lot of boot space. There is nothing worse than purchasing a car only to realise it isn’t quite fit for purpose.

Age and mileage

Does the age of the car matter to you? Have in your mind how old or new you would like the car to be. You can look at nearly new cars as well as ones that seemingly have a lot of miles on the clock but in reality, have a lot of miles left in them. By planning out your ideal car, you will then make your shopping experience much smoother.


The age of the car is likely to relate back to the condition. If you are looking for a car that looks like new without the price tag to match, a nearly new vehicle may be the option for you. When you go shopping for your car, take the time to look at the interior and exterior in great detail, to make sure the condition is as you would expect.


Does tech matter to you? From the swishest infotainment system to screens in the back for the kids, cruise control to a reversing camera and sensors. If tech is important, make a wish list before you start your search and while you may not find everything on your list, it will narrow down the search and help you keep sight of what you are looking for.

We hope that helps but if you need any more advice on buying a used car in Derby, please get in touch with a member of the team at Hilton Garage.