Vehicle Spring Cleaning Hacks

Our quality used cars in Derby  are professionally prepared to ensure they are in top condition.Once you have driven away, it is important to clean your vehicle regularly, otherwise dust and grime can build up.

If you’ve been neglecting your car and it’s time for a proper spring clean, our vehicle hacks can help you to restore its showroom shine in no time!


1    The Paintbrush Hack

Car interiors have a lot off small crevices which are almost impossible to clean, like air vents for example. Air vents gather dust incredibly quickly, but a paintbrush is perfect for getting in between the slats, plus, this handy tool is small enough to be kept in the glove box.


2    The Toothpaste Hack

It is important to keep your vehicle’s lights free of grime because if they appear dim, this can be misleading to other road users and pedestrians. To clean them, you’ll only need a couple of common household items: a cloth and some toothpaste! Toothpaste contains baking soda which cleans up the outer casing of headlights very nicely.


3    The Cupcake Case Hack

If your car has cup holders, you may be aware of how dirty they can become. Condensation from cool beverages can make the holders sticky and when met with any loose change or other debris which gets haphazardly tossed in there, you’ll have a messy situation on your hands. To counter this, you could line the cup holders with cupcake cases, which can simply be replaced after gathering dirt.


4    The Squeegee Hack

This is one for drivers with dogs that have a habit of leaving pesky hairs all over the upholstery. Pet hairs can be easily removed by spraying water on the seats or boot to loosen the fur and using a squeegee to wipe it away.


5    The Olive Oil Hack

Why spend your money on specialist products when you’ve got a perfectly good interior car polish sat in your kitchen? Olive oil will give your dashboard a premium shine.