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Visiting the Peak District

If you are planning on heading to the Peak District, here are some of our favourite places to visit. Check them out and let us know if you’re planning a trip… 

Lud’s Church

Words do not do this justice. You will have to visit Lud’s Church to believe the beauty of it, we can assure you. It is a great walk and slightly hidden so keep your eyes peeled for the entrance. It can be a little slippy so wear good shoes and prepare to be awe-struck when you visit.


A gorgeous market town with plenty of indie shops and eateries. Be warned, you will want to buy food from every trader at the market and every cafe you pass by! Make sure you head to Getcliffe’s Yard too while you are there…

Stanage Edge

Beware of the edge and watch the boulders on the trail but it is fun to walk nonetheless! Stanage Edge isn’t a particular tricky walk but it can be quite tiring due to the nature of it. Get your walking shoes on and maybe some wooden items for a windy day!


Home of the Bakewell Pudding and steeped in history, Bakewell is one of our favourite places to visit. It feels like another world and the buildings are something else!

There are a few of the places we love to visit. If you have any more hidden gems or places on your bucket list, let us know!